Message from the Board

As President of the Board of Directors, I am honored and humbled to work with such a dedicated group of people. Over the past six years I have seen the Board grow more active and diverse. We have educators, business leaders, attorneys, ministers, bankers, and concerned parents who serve on the Board, and are willing to give their time to see that this CLUB has everything it needs to succeed. They give their time fund raising, volunteering, and leading some of the Boys and Girls programs.  No one is idle that sits on this Board!

To see the CLUB in action is so impressive. The kids get off the buses with smiles on their faces ready to see the staff and friends. Mr. Hood is there with the high fives and a great big warm smile which makes everyone feel welcome. After snacks and homework, the real life lessons begin with classes on self esteem, money management, bible study, computer enrichment, with time left for reading, sports and games.  Even more, I have heard the young people give their personal mission statements, discuss career research, and show their skills at dance and singing. So much goes on inside the CLUB walls to help the young people begin to reach their potential.

As far as the future, I see continued development in the programs offered with more attention given to measurable results.  Expansion and greater impact are inevitable. One can feel the excitement growing with improvements being made to the facility and the increased support given by the community.  All of this certainly makes the kids know that they are important.  It really seems that the CLUB is on the verge of taking big leaps forward.  It is my hope, as well as many others, that more young people can be reached and a greater impact can be made on the lives of many more in our community.

Denton Farr, President